About Us

SCT (Subway Construction Team) is an Italian working group. This company boasts an experienced team that has collaborated
in the construction of the metro in Rome ("B1" and "C"). Thanks to the synergy and good relations established during these
activities, it was decided to create a new team for the design and
implementation of electrical, mechanical and special systems especially
in the metropolitan area, hoping to be able to carry out its services
in other sectors.


SCT is specialized in the design, implementation and maintenance of electrical  installations (civil  and  industrial), Special  Systems, CCTV and Security System, Mechanical  Systems, Conditioning  and  Ventilation. Realizes quality jobs in the pursuit of customer requirements. 

Business Area

SCT core business is subways costruction and our works are also addressed to:

  • Airports
  • Industry
  • Stadiums
  • Hospital
  • Railways
  • Telecommunications


SCT is certified at the European level (SOA ‐ ISO ‐ FGAS - IMQ)


 SOA : OS3 Class IV, OS5 Class IV, OS14 Class III Bis, OS28 Class VI,

           OS30 Class III Bis, OG1 Class IV and OG11 Class III Bis

UNI EN ISO : 9001:2015, 14001:2004 and 18001:2007




Main Customers:

  • Metro B1 S.c.a.r.l
  • Metro C S.c.p.A.
  • Roma Metropilitane - Works on subways in Rome
  • Atac S.p.A. - Realization and maintenance of security system
  • Trenitalia S.p.A. - Maintenance of Mechanical System
  • NTV - High Speed Rail Transport for Special Plants of rail depots
  • A.D.R. S.p.A. - Rome Airports Management Company
  • Alitalia - Realization and maintenance of security system
  • Italpetroli - FINA - API - Realization and maintenance of High/Medium/Low voltage plants
  • TIM - Italian Telecommunication Company 
  • C.O.N.I - Italian Nation Olimpic Committee
  • Bambino Gesù - Pediatric Hospital